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We learn as we play...we play as we learn!
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A Joyful Learning Community
Here, a child’s natural curiosity leads discovery through hands-on exploration to build the foundation for critical thinking, problem solving, and social relationships. Open ended, play based activities promote active engagement to inspire a lifetime love of learning. Opportunities to discover both indoors and out build strong bodies and curious minds. Here, we learn as we play...and play as we learn! Our philosophy ensures that each child grows at an individual pace and has fun at school!
Children learn naturally through play.
A play-based approach to learning provides young children freedom to explore their world and their feelings, build social connections, develop critical
thinking, increase vocabulary, expand imagination, and develop problem solving skills. Opportunities to investigate and discover with a balance of child initiated and teacher supported learning helps children to stretch their thinking to higher levels. Play based learning is not only imaginative and fun—it helps foster a lifetime love of learning 
For anyone considering Fidelity House Preschool, I could not recommend it more! This has bee such a wonderful year for my twins’ first preschool experience...especially when everything else has been so uncertain. The entire staff has welcomed our family with open arms and have been thoughtful and caring every step of the way. I have been particularly impressed with my children’s social-emotional development. Watching them learn to interact with other children their age, take turns, identify and control their big feelings, and become independent in following routines as well as doing things separately has been truly a joy to experience.. Sign your kids up!”                       - Julie Meloy Lovell

Our Program 
Fidelity House Preschool offers flexibility for full or part time schedules. We are a school year program with options for programs during school vacation weeks and the summer. Established in 1976, our EEC licensed program is for children ages 2.9 (by Sept.1) to 5. We have two preschool classrooms and one PreKindergarten classroom, each with a dedicated teaching staff prepared to meet the
developmental needs of every child. Our large fenced playground is ideal for daily outdoor play.
We recognize that outdoor play is an extension of the classroom and vital to a child’s growth.
“Putting Sterling in the Fidelity House Preschool program was the easiest decision we  made in the last year, and we are now happily watching her thrive. She is getting both a stellar educational experience and the proper socialization that is so important for children her age. We are thrilled to be part of the community of teachers, parents and students at Fidelity House.”  - Emily and Chris Holler
2022-2023 Tuition Rates: Tuition is paid in 9 monthly installments. 

Main Program: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

              2 days         354.00
              3 days         $ 505.00
              4 days         $ 655.00
              5 days         $ 791.00

Early Extended Day: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm              Full Extended Day: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
              2 days      $ 608.00                                                           2 days      $ 712.00
              3 days      $ 868.00                                                           3 days      $ 988.00
              4 days      $ 1,144.00                                                        4 days      $ 1,269.00
              5 days      $ 1,352.00                                                         5 days     $ 1,529.00

Registration fee for all programs: $75.00

CLICK HERE to REGISTER for the 2022-23 Preschool!

Fidelity House Preschool   Established in 1976  
 25 and 51R Medford Street  Arlington, MA 02474
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