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News: Become a Friend of Fidelity House

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The Friends of Fidelity House are a group of individuals dedicated to the continued improvement of Fidelity House predominantly through fund raising activities such as the Appreciation Night.

Donate today and give Fidelity House a helping hand!


All proceeds support our Youth Programs! We appreciate all your support with our annual Basketball Marathon, Easter and Mother's Day Flower Sales, Annual Fundraiser/ Auction and Fidelity House Open Golf Tournament

Donations supporting Financial Aid Fund will allow children to participate in our Fidelity House programs at a reduced fee. Memorial Donations are gratefully accepted. Commemorative Birthday & Anniversary donations are acknowledged and appreciated. Please, call our office for details and make your tax-deductible gift today! It all helps! 

Wish List: A new GYM! Arts & crafts supplies, intack decks of cards, office supplies, chess sets, children’s games….

Fidelity House is open year round & can always benefit from those loved /but never-used-at-your-house-anymore supplies!